Load Battery Tester

Valen’s full range of battery testers ensures there is a way of finding out just how reliable your battery system is!

What applications are ideal for
indicative battery testers?

Fire and pumping



Security systems


IT infrastructure

Emergency lighting

To learn more about Indicative battery testers and the advantages of this technology in specific applications, please contact the team at Valen or read our blogs.

Constant current load testing is when a current can be set on a battery tester and no matter what the voltage does, the current will stay the same, over against a carbon pile tester which drops the voltage as the current drops. Constant Current Load Testing produces an absolute result, therefore is often used by manufacturers to specify the exact Battery Capacity, and Quality Assurance Teams to ensure that their product supply is up to standard.

Why would you use a Constant Current Load Tester?

To test the true capacity of a battery. It can be used in Quality Assurance to confirm the battery’s true capacity over against the battery manufacturers specification sheet, as well as in maintenance applications to ascertain the battery’s infield performance

Who would use Constant Current Load Tester?

Valen recommends the CCOLT Battery Load Testers are utilised in markets such as Mobility, Cleaning & Fire. These Industries regularly supply and service the same equipment. therefore it is beneficial to be able to conduct a full discharge test to simulate the real-life field test scenario, allowing the technician to problem solve the issue. For example a load of 5A over 10hours, you could simulate on the tester

Load Battery Tester Range

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