Industrial Battery Testers

Valen’s full range of battery testers ensures there is a way of finding out just how reliable your battery system is!

Valen has a wide range of Battery Testers and can provide a live demonstration of the range to help your team make a decision on which battery tester is best for your needs. Whether you need a 12v battery tester, 24v battery tester or 48v battery tester- our range has you covered. From AGM battery testers to lithium battery testers, we can provide solutions for all commercial and industrial applications. Get in touch to discuss which Valen battery tester will suit your application.

How To Test a Battery - 3 Methods

​Constant Load Testing

Is conducted by means of using a battery tester to fully discharge the battery, ensuring peace of mind that the battery will hold up in its required application.

​Impedance Testing

Using a battery tester to measure the impedance of a battery is a reliable indicator of the health of a battery and is taken as a comparative reading. ​

​Pulse Load Testing

For a quick indication of a small-medium battery capacity, a pulse load test is applied using a battery tester, allowing for easy instantaneous results. 

Learn more on battery testing with our video below.

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