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Electricity Network Solutions: Community Batteries & Pole Mounted Batteries

Tailored Solutions for Australian Energy Networks

Deliver better grid reliability with pole-mounted and standalone community batteries that help relieve congested and strained networks. Valen’s pole batteries support your distribution network so you can modulate fluctuating demand on the grid and provide immediate backup in the event of an outage.

Partner with Valen for expert design, supply, manufacture and maintenance of your pole top battery systems, standalone community batteries and grid support systems. Trusted by leading network providers including Energy Australia, TasNetworks, Essential Energy, Top Energy, Electrinet and more, we help you deliver stable, consistent power to your customers every day.

Community Batteries

Fully standalone solar battery systems provide reliable energy storage for both congested metro networks and remote off-grid areas.

When local communities leverage rooftop solar systems and share renewable power, it creates a positive impact on electricity use. This in turn helps network providers lower ongoing maintenance costs and manage supply during peak demand, delivering better uptime.

Our Australian-made power systems come pre-engineered and ready to install, with minimal maintenance needed. And being completely self-contained, Valen’s tailored renewable energy storage systems eliminate the need for costly pole and wire systems in grid-fringe applications and remote environments.

Community batteries and micro grids designed for reliable performance

Pole Mounted Batteries

Provide local neighbourhoods with a means to participate in a clean energy future with community battery systems from Valen. Our pole top batteries store energy from the network and from nearby solar panels, releasing it in times of peak demand to reduce overall stress on the network and provide essential grid support.

Pole mounted batteries (PMB) are used for grid stabilisation in low voltage 415V lines / 3 phase applications, and Valen’s PMBs can be custom engineered with the capacity to deliver stability to approximately 75 homes.

The convenient pole mounting system takes advantage of existing infrastructure and eliminates the need for ground space to be used. Valen’s flexible pole mounted battery solutions can also be relocated to areas where the grid is under more pressure, keeping power generation and power consumption in perfect balance.

Design your custom power pole battery management system with Valen

Valen: Trusted Experts in Fully Tailored Solutions for Electricity Networks

We help you deliver consistent, reliable, always-on power whilst contributing to more sustainable energy use with our turnkey battery solutions for the energy sector.

Partnering with the Valen team opens the door to design, engineering, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance support, plus we excel at efficient order fulfilment and supply for replacement batteries and accessories.

We’re far more than just a battery supplier – find out how you can streamline your rollout of community battery systems with Valen.

Get a community battery solution that’s tailored to your business

Community and Pole Battery FAQ

Pole Mount Battery (PMB) systems act as a community ‘micro grid’, storing energy to be used locally when required. Consisting of a battery and an inverter housed in a secure IP-rated cabinet, the unit is fixed to a power pole and helps to stabilise the grid and provide short-term energy response when required. Both standalone community solar battery storage systems and pole-top batteries help create better grid stability and reliability by storing excess energy for release during peak demand times.

With the recent uptake of commercial and residential solar systems, energy networks are experiencing new challenges with extra demand placed on the grid during high-demand periods and solar droughts. Pole mounted batteries address this issue by reducing the stress on distribution transformers during peak times. Voltage is regulated and the hosting capacity of solar in the local grid is increased, providing more stable power supply to the community.

Both network providers and electricity retailers benefit from integrating pole-mounted battery systems into their business, enabling effective management of supply and demand and providing additional revenue streams through the potential for battery leasing and energy trading schemes.

Standalone solar community battery systems provide the benefits of solar power to each home in the vicinity, even residential properties that may not have a solar connection. These solar battery systems are a type of micro grid, harnessing renewable energy and adding a shared sustainable energy source for residents. Grid-support systems regulate heavy demands on the grid that can cause blackouts, brownouts, surges and spikes.

Community solar battery storage systems provide anywhere from 500kW to 2MW of power independent from the grid. Installed in a secure location on a concrete pad mount or directly on a power pole, they offer a shared secondary power source for local communities.

As an example, 500kW neighbourhood batteries can service around 250 homes, helping to modulate spikes and dips in network voltage caused by solar systems.

Naturally, community battery cost is a deciding factor, however there are several other things to consider.

Look for battery systems that are modular and scalable, allowing network operators the ability to add additional capacity as required. Neighbourhood batteries can act as a standalone power system (SAPS), making them ideal for remote areas – and in remote applications, ease of maintenance and consistent reliable performance is paramount. Systems that don’t need extensive maintenance help to deliver safer outcomes for both energy network providers and electrical contractors.

Along with flexibility and low maintenance requirements, ensure your system designer can support your installation over the long term with a reliable supply of spare parts, replacement batteries, and battery testing equipment.

At Valen, we don’t ‘just sell batteries’

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