Valen Story

Phillip Daries immigrated from South Africa to the small regional town of Lake Cargelligo Central NSW in 1999. His vision was to replicate his successful South African Alarm and Security business in Australia.

As he bedded down in the Australian business world, it became clear that the electronics and security markets had evolved.

Over the next few years, it became apparent there was a growing need in the industry for a battery supplier who knew, not only the characteristics of various technologies but also understood the technical manufacturing procedures to ensure a quality product is delivered. Regal Electro had positioned themselves as a premium supplier of high-quality energy solutions, offering the complete packaged solution for clients.

Today, Valen has grown exponentially becoming a trusted advisor to our clients within many different industries. Valen is an industry leader in Energy Storage for mission-critical applications and continues to innovate and evolve, keeping ahead of new technologies as they emerge.

Valen looks forward to you joining us on this continued journey!


Regal Eltro was founded in 1981, Cape Town South Africa, predominantly supplying security components, and batteries, to security installers.


The sale of the business (Regal Eltro) in 1998 signaled a significant shift, with the decision of the Managing Director, Philip Daries, to immigrate to Australia. This pivotal moment marked a new chapter, setting the stage for fresh beginnings and opportunities in a new country.


The establishment of Regal Electro in Lake Cargelligo in 1999 marked a significant beginning as a prominent supplier of batteries and security components.


The construction of our custom-built premises in Hallam, VIC in 2009 represented a major commitment to enhancing our operational efficiency and client service


The establishment of Regal Electro New Zealand, in 2010, was a pivotal expansion move for our company. This venture into New Zealand marked a significant step in broadening our reach and enhancing our presence in the region.


The Lake Cargelligo Head Office moved into a new purpose-built facility in 2012. The Power Charge ENDUROGEL with the revolutionary Catalyst Life Extender was first imported into Australia in 2012.


The completion of the inaugural ENLiFEN Energy Storage Optimiser (ESO) prototype in 2015, was a landmark achievement for us. Its debut at the Comms Connect Exhibition in Melbourne showcased our dedication to innovation in the energy storage domain. This prototype not only highlighted our technological prowess but also laid the groundwork for future advancements in the field.


Rebranding from Power Charge to Valen in 2016 was a transformative step for Regal Electro, revitalising not just our products but also our relationship with customers. It propelled us forward, infusing our offerings with a renewed sense of quality and professionalism. The Valen rebranding was pivotal, signaling our commitment to progress and excellence in both our products and our brand image.

April 2018

The inauguration of our Sydney logistics center in Lawson in April 2018 was a strategic move aimed at enhancing our client services once more. This center was established with the clear objective of fortifying our logistical capabilities, ensuring smoother operations, and ultimately raising the bar in serving our clientele.

July 2018

Rebranding our business trading name to Valen in July 2018 marked a significant milestone in our growth strategy. This decision reflected our commitment to evolution and a forward-thinking approach. It was a deliberate step toward aligning our identity more closely with our values, vision, and the quality our customers have come to expect from us.

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