Solar Installers

Valen specialise in supporting Solar installers with large scale Lithium battery solutions both as grid backup and standalone power.

Specialising in solutions for residential, and Commercial & Industrial applications, from the system design, supply, commissioning and maintenance, Valen has you covered and looks forward to being an integral part of your next project.


Valen provides batteries and battery products to our solar installer partners. Valen understands the challenges of deploying batteries on a large scale, and has the battery to suit your application. Our range includes the newest lithium rack-mount 48V lithium modules from WeCo. 

Battery Testers 

Valen doesn’t ‘just sell batteries’. We work with our clients who maintain mission-critical infrastructure. 

Battery testing is essential for maintaining the reliability and uptime of mission-critical infrastructure. Regular battery testing helps ensure critical facilities can operate safely and efficiently in the event of a power outage or other unexpected events.  

The Valen team work with our clients through providing quality testing products, demonstrations and training to prevent downtime, save money and maximise the efficiency of their systems.   

Working with Valen ​

Valen makes life easier for technicians who build and maintain mission-critical infrastructure. Working with our energy network partners, Valen delivers on our promise through the following: 

System Design and Approvals – The Valen technical and project teams work with our clients to design the system to your requirements and ensure we have the necessary approvals prior to production.  

Assembly – Only the best quality products and components are used to assemble your system in our dedicated warehouses here in Australia. 

Factory Acceptance and Quality Testing – Our energy-storage systems undergo factory acceptance testing, in addition to the strict quality testing processes of our batteries.  

National Coverage 

Our logistics centres are located at key locations across Australia and New Zealand. This provides numerous benefits to Valen and its clients:  

Efficient Distribution: This helps streamline the distribution of goods and products.  

Cost Savings: Valen reduces transportation costs and other expenses associated with distribution.  

Faster Delivery Times: By having centralized locations that are strategically placed, Valen ensures our products are delivered to customers quickly and efficiently. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Faster delivery times and efficient distribution can lead to increased customer satisfaction. Our large return-customer base is testament to this. 

Better Inventory Management: Helps us manage our inventory more effectively. 

Which battery is right for my application?

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