Captester (12V Battery test / 24V Charger test)



SKU: BT10003

Valen Captester conducts a full cyclic discharge battery test giving the battery user accurate knowledge of their exact battery capacity.

Designed with the Mobility Market in mind, The Captester can test individual 12V batteries and 24V Battery Chargers. This will enable Mobility Scooter and Electric Wheelchair Repairers to ascertain and analyse which battery or charger is the cause of the problem. Test results can then be viewed on the Captester LCD screen or downloaded and then stored on your PC. A printed copy with a customisable comments area may be given to the end-user allowing them to see a clear picture of their system performance.



Valen Battery & Charger Analyser (BACA) & Captesters all perform a full battery discharge test producing an accurate report on the performance of the battery and/or charger under test


Easy-to-use software allows for data and test results to be stored, exported to PDF or printed for the analysis of batteries.

Mobility in Mind

Valen Captester is explicitly designed with the mobility market in mind allowing the user to test individual 12V batteries as well as their 24V charger 

Flexible Range

The Valen BACA & Captester units are flexible and allow for testing of an extensive range of battery capacities from 0.8Ah to 200Ah.

Percentage Results

Unlike the BACA Battery Tester, the Captester allows the user to view the results as a percentage of the full capacity. No table is needed to ascertain the C1 capacity of the battery, instead, the capacity as stated on the battery is entered into the tester, and the final result is displayed as a percentage of the original capacity making it user-friendly, especially in applications such as mobility where the original battery capacity can vary between manufacturers. 


A truly reliable battery and charger test, the Captester takes away the guesswork and has become the number one handy battery tool for Mobility Repair agencies.


Voltage12/24 V
Length200 mm
Width140 mm
Height190 mm


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