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Mining Power Solutions

We look after powering your mining infrastructure so you can focus on drilling more metres, moving more ore, and hitting your daily production targets.

Get sustainable mining energy solutions from Valen to help lower emissions and support decarbonisation targets. From solar battery storage units powered by renewable energy, to off-grid standalone power systems for remote mine sites, our reliable energy solutions help keep your mine running.

Powering the Mining Industry with Reliable Energy Solutions

Harsh mining conditions can push equipment to the limit, so your batteries and power supply systems need to be rugged, dependable and easy to maintain in the field. Valen’s mining energy solutions meet this requirement with Australian-made and battle-tested standalone power systems (SAPS) and battery supplies that can withstand the toughest environments.

Independent, off-grid power systems deliver reliable, consistent power to remote mining buildings and huts. Our range of battery solutions designed for mining equipment and infrastructure will keep your mine shafts and chambers powered, your tools operating, and your camps cool and comfortable.

No matter what you’re powering on site, we’ll help you get the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your operation.

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Our Mining Battery Solutions

Independent off-grid power systems improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply and help you reduce your carbon footprint. We specialise in designing the future of renewable energy systems, plus we’re an established mining industry supplier here to support you with an extensive range of replacement batteries, a robust supply chain and fast nationwide shipping.

Get the best mining battery solutions for your business with:

  • Compact battery systems for mine tools and equipment
  • Energy storage solutions for mine shaft backup or powering mine refuge chambers
  • Batteries and large power supply solutions for applications such as mining huts, mess halls and outbuildings
  • Customised off-grid standalone power systems (SAPS) complete with solar panels, diesel generators, concrete pads and wind turbines for completely independent power generation
  • Heavy-duty batteries to power telecommunications and radio equipment in autonomous mining trucks

Valen’s ModX range of battery-powered SAPS are designed to help your mine lower emissions whilst also being simple to operate and virtually maintenance-free. We make the logistics easy with a scalable, modular design that’s pre-engineered for fast installation in remote locations.

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Mining Power Supply: Fully Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Power Needs

Grid-independent power supply is a must for Australia and New Zealand’s remote mine sites. Every site has unique needs, which is why we partner with mine managers and reliability engineers to deliver bespoke battery storage solutions.

Working with Valen gives you access to our expert engineering team who can help you design, manufacture, install and commission a tailored mining power solution. Plus we support your on-site maintenance crew with training and advice on mining battery testing and cost-effective maintenance.

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Mine Equipment Battery Service: Minimal Downtime and Maximum Efficiency

Avoid unforeseen downtime with mining power solutions that meet the demanding needs of the mining sector. Efficient, tough and easily deployable, our pre-assembled, pre-wired and complete solutions minimise the contractor’s time on site and prevent expensive shutdowns. We ship fast, and when your unit arrives it can be installed with no ground penetration, meaning no ground works are required at the time of installation.

We’ve optimised every step of the process from initial order to commissioning. Customised power solutions are assembled from in-stock inventory, eliminating long lead times, and same-day shipping of our off-the-shelf battery range gives you peace of mind.

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Valen: Trusted Experts in Battery and Energy Solutions for the Mining Industry

The Valen team is here to deliver energy storage, mining and industrial supplies that satisfy the demanding needs of the mining sector. We work with you to design a tailored solution that meets your energy generation needs, complements existing infrastructure, suits your environment – and fits your budget.

Coupled with outstanding service and quality manufacturing, we have been trusted suppliers to the mining industry for decades, supplying to industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Aurizon, Lattice Energy, BHP, Glencore, Xstrata Mining, Roy Hill Mine, North Parkes Mine and more.

In addition, we have established logistics centres at key locations across Australia and New Zealand to guarantee efficient, streamlined distribution and faster delivery times, plus our battery recycling program means you can responsibly manage your energy systems across the entire product lifecycle.

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Mining Energy Solutions FAQ

The Valen ENDUROGEL and ENVIROX-CEL range features a range of rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. These maintenance-free batteries offer a long float life performance and can be coupled with solar generation systems for remote power supply applications.

Additionally, WeCo Lithium Energy Storage Systems are a popular choice for communications applications, with the 16-cell system ideal for powering critical telecommunications equipment. Likewise, OPzV batteries are often used in the mining sector due to their sliding pole technology which has a positive impact on battery life.

Building complex energy infrastructure can quickly erode profits, which is why portable, pre-engineered, standalone solar power systems are so popular in the mining sector. These systems use renewable energy via solar PV panels and wind turbines, and provide reliable low-cost power to critical buildings and equipment both underground and on the surface.

A program of regular testing is recommended to ensure and evaluate the health and state of charge (SOC) of your mining industry batteries. This ensures your energy storage system has enough capacity to maintain critical charge over the long term. Battery testing instruments can help determine the health of your battery system and should be utilised by technicians regularly.

Maintenance-free (or very low-maintenance solutions) drastically reduce time spent on site by service technicians and electricians. Our mining power solutions are designed to make life easier for maintenance crews, and that includes limiting travel to remote areas by engineering out the need for extensive ongoing maintenance.

When systems do need to be maintained, thoughtful design features such as tilting solar panels help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by making access easier. We also provide comprehensive training on correct maintenance procedures for batteries.

Valen supplies standalone batteries as well as pre-engineered turnkey power solutions featuring the Valen EnduroGel battery system, solar panels, industrial field cabinets, and concrete pads. Coupled with remote monitoring systems and a host of other optional extras, the ModX Pre-Engineered Modular Solar System is maintenance-free and easy to install and operate in remote high-temperature regions of Australia.

At Valen, we don’t ‘just sell batteries’

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