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Telecommunications Power Solutions

Deliver stable connections and continuity of service for your customers with Valen’s independent telecommunication power supply systems. From helping you provide seamless consumer broadband services to supporting mobile connectivity in remote locations, our telecom battery backup systems give you peace of mind during unforeseen network outages.

Meet your uptime SLAs, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, and keep commissioning deadlines on schedule with support from the Valen team.

Our Telecom Power Solutions Keep Your Network Running Reliably

Whether you’re managing 5G telecommunications assets in the city or relying on remote radio networks to keep critical comms on air, reliability is paramount. Major telcos and private operators need guaranteed uptime, which is why we support your primary assets with resilient backup telecommunications power systems and a range of individual telecom battery products.

Ideal for challenging environments and remote, hard-to-access locations, our maintenance-free solar powered energy storage units support phone, internet, radio and critical telecoms systems.

See how we helped WA Police power their remote radio network

Telecom Power Systems

To keep vital telecom power systems operational and telecommunication systems online, you need the built-in redundancy of a compatible backup power system.

Easy to deploy and pre-engineered to your custom specifications, Valen’s solar battery solar solutions help you avoid the headaches, expense and potential human cost of communications power outages.

Our off-grid telecom energy generation systems harness renewable energy via solar panels to guarantee maximum uptime for up to 10 days should your primary power supply become non-operational.

Cover all your bases with our backup telecommunications power solutions

Telecom Power Systems

An uninterruptible power supply is the lifeblood of your business. We help you minimise disruption to your networks with reliable, flexible standalone power supply systems that offer outstanding performance and dependability.

Our telecommunication power supply systems include:

  • Customised cabinet solutions housing telecom battery systems that have been specifically designed to balance energy needs and cost-effectiveness
  • Hybrid power solutions like the ModX standalone energy system, which combines solar panels, wind power, diesel generators and battery fuel cells to keep comms online where power is unreliable or unavailable
  • A wide product range including the Valen ENVIROX-CEL 12v telecom battery: a safe and maintenance-free option offering front terminal design and a rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery
  • WeCo Lithium Energy Storage Systems – an advanced industrial battery solution offering real-time remote monitoring and control for each cell
  • Battery testing equipment to keep your telecommunications battery systems operational and ready for action

Get sustainable energy storage and telecommunication battery solutions that offer reduced cost of ownership, a decrease in emissions, and help you deliver a better customer experience for end users.

View our range of telecom batteries for solar and off-grid applications

Valen: Powering the Future of Telecommunications Energy Solutions

From in-depth consultation to engineering, manufacture and installation, we help look after your telecommunications power needs with a complete end-to-end service. With Valen’s telecom battery systems designed and engineered to withstand rugged Australian conditions, we help you deliver the highest level of network availability to your customers.

We also train and support telecommunications teams through the maintenance phase of their energy-powered systems so that technicians can confidently maintain and service remote systems.

From consultation to design, supply, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance support, the Valen team can ensure your next telecommunications project is a success.

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Telecommunications Power Supply FAQ

These essential systems are used for grid backup or to power standalone telecommunication sites. Designed to keep broadband, 5G, radio and phone networks online, battery-powered systems support existing critical infrastructure by offering autonomous power supply if the main DC power supply fails.

We provide power systems that ensure continuity of service, both on-grid and off-grid. Robust, maintenance-free, cost-efficient, and backed by excellent service and engineering support, our telecom power solutions keep your network connected and fully functional.

In addition to tailored off-grid power solutions, we have a wide range of telecom batteries for sale, delivered fast through our network of logistics centres across Australia and New Zealand.

Telecom backup batteries are designed to offer compatible energy storage solutions for networks in case of downtime or a failure in the primary power supply asset. Installing a secondary system offers a failsafe that keeps the network, exchange or comms equipment online whilst the primary system is being repaired, ensuring seamless continuity of service.

Our high-quality battery and energy storage systems safeguard your DC power plant from any unforeseen environmental damage or age-induced failures, ensuring your critical infrastructure is supported by a fully operational secondary power supply.

At Valen, we don’t ‘just sell batteries’

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