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Fire panels, sprinkler systems and industrial pumps all depend on batteries to ensure immediate power supply or back up in the event of an emergency.

Battery Power Supply And Back-up For The Fire And Pumps Industry

Battery Power Supply & Backup. For technicians in the fire or pumps industry, selecting a reliable brand of battery is incredibly important.

Fire panels, sprinkler systems and industrial pumps all depend on batteries to ensure immediate power supply or backup in the event of an emergency.

Moreover, these batteries need to be routinely tested and replaced to meet strict safety standards.

The experts at Valen are your reliable, end-to-end battery solution providers. We’re specialists in the supply of high-quality industrial batteries and testing equipment for use in fire or pumping applications.

Our extensive experience has led us to understand the unique challenges that fire and pumping technicians face, including:

  • How often to test batteries
  • How often to replace batteries
  • Meeting load testing requirements, specifically in the fire systems industry (Australian Standard AS1851)
  • Meeting requirements for Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • Guaranteeing short leads times for the supply of batteries and related accessories.

In addition to our understanding of these unique challenges, our Valen Topin Range of AGM batteries carries SSL (Scientific Service Laboratory) approval, certifying them for use in the Australian fire and pumps industry.

Our Process And Expertise

To ensure the integrity of your systems are never compromised, we apply a logical approach in recommending and supplying our products. We’re not just about “selling batteries”. We’re here to answer your questions and solve your problems to help you to keep your clients compliant and safe. A major part of our commitment to excellence is to always work collaboratively with you. Our team strives to provide valuable technical advice on an ongoing basis.
During initial consultations, we will discuss the following details with you to best understand your specific needs.

  • Expected battery operating temperatures
  • Design life
  • Configuration requirements
  • Installation parameters
  • Expectations for lead times
  • Training requirements
Battery Load Testing

Routine battery testing is especially critical in the fire industry.

As stated in Australian Standard AS1851, battery load testing is required to ensure that batteries used to power fire panels and sprinkler systems have the capability to immediately perform their required tasks.

The Valen Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) Battery Tester is the preferred battery tester for testing in accordance with AS1851.

The (CCOLT) is designed to test large batteries by applying a constant current load. Current drain, cut-off voltage and duration may be configured and the CCOLT will monitor the voltage and time elapsed during a test. The CCOLT will automatically disconnect the load once the selected cut-off voltage is reached. Tests may be downloaded via software for reporting and analysing purposes.

This test gives fire system technicians absolute clarity as to the battery capacity.

Battery Installation Accessories

To help you complete a tidy, regulation-compliant job, Valen can also supply the following accessories:

  • Battery boxes
  • Battery flexi cables
  • Terminal insulators
  • Battery warning stickers to meet relevant standards
On-site Training

As end-to-end service providers, Valen also offer our fire and pump clients on-site training for technicians, covering everything from installation to how to correctly use our load testers. This means you can provide your fire and pump maintenance service with confidence, knowing that the solution you are providing is to the highest standards.


We understand that lead times are important. To ensure that you are able to provide a high level of service to your customers, Valen has convenient collection points in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Additionally, we offer fast distribution to all regional areas around Australia.


Valen proudly offers our fire and pump clients a 24-month warranty from the installation date. This means our batteries are covered for the usual 24-month cycle required between replacements. Our warranty process is simple and hassle-free with the ability to make claims online.

End-of-life Recycling

As our level of service to you extends beyond supply, we can further assist with the end-of-life recycling of our batteries.
In keeping with our ISO 14001:2015 Environment certification, we can work with you to arrange the hassle-free collection or drop off of old batteries.

If you are a fire or pump technician anywhere in Australia, call the experts at Valen. Our team have the expertise to deliver a reliable power solution backed by specialist service and advice.

3 Guarantees Valen offers you as your preferred battery supplier

Guaranteed Compliance

Our Products comply with many au standards as well as being ActivFire SSL Approved.

Guaranteed Dispatch

Same Day Dispatch for orders received before 12:30pm! This also includes guaranteed stock. If at any point, Valen does not have stock of a product we will source another battery for you saving you the hassle!

Guaranteed Price Hold

We will hold your pricing for 6 months from the date the price is accepted.

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