VRLA Batteries / SLA Batteries

Valve regulated lead acid batteries / sealed lead acid batteries

Over the past 20 years, Valen has developed a comprehensive VRLA battery range to support our varied customers and their sealed lead acid battery applications. Whether you require a 2v, 6v or 12v SLA battery – Valen has you covered.

What is a VRLA battery?

VRLA battery technology is commonly referred to as Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) as the battery electrolyte is suspended in Absorbent Glass Matting (AGM) compared to automotive type batteries where the electrolyte is loose.

This sealed lead acid battery construction ensures that the Valen VRLA battery range is robust, safe and maintenance-free.

Ideal VRLA battery applications include

Valen VRLA Batteries / SLA Batteries

Valen offers AGM, Gel and Hybrid VRLA batteries, with each SLA battery technology having its advantage depending on the application.

If you are unsure which VRLA battery technology you need for your application, please reach out to the Valen team, where one of our experts can help find the right battery for your needs.

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