Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) 12V 420A



SKU: BT10014

The Valen Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) is designed for use on larger batteries and battery systems, testing their performance by applying a constant current load.

Current drain, cut-off voltage and duration can be manually pre-set with the CCOLT monitoring voltage and time elapsed during a test to give an absolute and accurate result of the battery performance. The CCOLT will automatically disconnect the load once the selected cut-off voltage is reached. Tests may be downloaded via software for filing, reporting or analysing the results.
A hard protective carry case with foam insert cut to the shape of the Valen CCOLT is also available. This case is ideal for technicians who need to travel to ensure the CCOLT remains protected and undamaged.


Accurate The Valen Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) performs a full battery discharge test producing an accurate and absolute report on the performance of the battery under test Software Easy to use software allows for data and tests from the Valen CCOLT to be stored, exported to PDF or printed for the analysis of batteries Flexible Range Valen CCOLT can test an extensive range of capacities from 1A up to 100A discharge rates, or right up to 160A on the 12V version Test to the Fire Standard Valen CCOLT is the preferred battery tester for testing in accordance to fire standard AS1851.2012 Hard Protective Case A lightweight, lockable, protective carry case is also available to protect the Valen CCOLT



Length260 mm
Width220 mm
Height270 mm


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