ModX - Fixed Frame Engineered Solar System

Pre Engineered Modular Solar System

Valen ModX Pre Engineered Modular Solar System is the brainchild of accumulated years of experience supporting clients with their remote off grid power requirements. As the world continues to evolve into the AI space, power in remote locations is becoming increasingly essential.

The Valen ModX stand alone solar system is designed utilising a tried and tested range of Valen core products, allowing the ModX to perform in perfect synchronisation. Valen EnduroGel battery system, Valen Industrial Field Cabinets, Valen Solar Panels and Solar Controllers all come standard, with optional extra’s able to be added to retrofit to your project requirements.

ModX is modular, maintenance-free and easy to install and operate making it an ideal standalone power system for the remote hightemperature regions of Australia.

Available in ModX2, ModX3, ModX4, ModX6 or ModX12 configurations


Solar Capacity: .8kWp+
Solar Charge Controller: 1.16kW
Batteries: 5.3kWh
Skid Dimensions: 2.16m(L) x 1.17m(W) x 2.54 – 3.45m(H)


Solar Capacity: 1.2kWp+
Solar Charge Controller: 2kW
Batteries: 10.6kWh
Skid Dimensions: 3.16m(L) x 1.17m(W) x 2.54 – 3.45m(H)


Solar Capacity: 1.6kWp+
Solar Charge Controller: 2kW
Batteries: 10.6kWh
Skid Dimensions: 4m(L) x 1.6m(W) x 2.54 – 3.45m(H)


Solar Capacity: 2.4kWp+
Solar Charge Controller: 2.6kW
Batteries: 15.9kWh
Skid Dimensions: 6.06m(L) x 2.44m(W) x 2.54 – 3.45m(H)


Solar Capacity: 4.8kWp+
Solar Charge Controller: 4.9kW
Batteries: 31.8kWh
Skid Dimensions: 6.71m(L) x 4.00m(W) x 3.67 – 4.56m(H)


Australian made and engineered stand alone solar means product support and spares readily available.

All components under 1 tonne for easy transportation.

Quick installation as no ground penetration is required.

Portable system structure available as an option for sites with changing requirements.

Modular systems meaning they can be expanded as the need arises.

Solar panels are able to be installed at ground level minimising the need for WHS equipment.

Remote monitoring for easy tracking of multiple remote sites.

Optional Extras

Customise your system to your site. Valen ModX optional extras allow you to ensure your system is ready to go for challenging site locations.

  • AC and DC Diesel Generator with Bunded fuel tank (Remote/ AutoStart, Tank Levels & Temperature Sensors
  • 48V Wind Turbine – 220W>
  • Larger Industrial Field Enclosure to house additional Equipment
  • Upgrade to Cyclonic Wind Rating
  • Precast Concrete Pads
  • Coastal/ Corrosive Environment upgrade
  • Perforated screen on 3 sides to shade and protect equipment


Solar Energy Storage Packages for APA’s Northern Goldfields Interconnect Project

We have a qualified and experienced team that can provide technical support on the phone or on-site to resolve your challenges.

We have stock on hand ready to deliver for urgent jobs, with warehouses strategically located around Australia and New Zealand to shorten critical lead times.

Contact the Valen team to discuss your next solar project

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