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Railway Power Solutions to Keep You on Track

We help you maximise the uptime of mission-critical rail and track infrastructure with efficient, reliable rail power systems. From design through to engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance, Valen is your partner in railway telecommunication systems, standalone battery systems and pre-engineered solar railway battery systems.

Get a complete end-to-end solution to power your railway signalling and communication assets – contact Valen to see how we can help you reduce maintenance costs, improve safety in the rail corridor, and increase system uptime and reliability.

Delivering Efficiency Through Reliable Railway Power Supplies

Rail power systems must be tough enough to perform flawlessly in harsh, remote, and extreme environments. From diesel locomotives traversing the outback to inner city commuter trains, reliability is critical to ensure continuity of power supply and the smooth operation of trains on the network.

Valen’s purpose-designed rail systems solutions include heavy-duty modular battery systems proven to perform in the harshest conditions with minimal maintenance. Engineered to maximise autonomy, systems such as our ModX pre-engineered modular stand-alone power systems deliver up to 10 days of power from a 6 solar panel system.

This allows railway electrical contractors to ‘set and forget’ and saves technicians time on site changing, charging, checking and maintaining rail batteries. Pre-engineered up to cyclonic conditions, these rugged Australian made systems are designed to perform in the most challenging environments.

Our standalone rail power systems come pre-wired and ready to deploy, and like all our battery solutions, Valen systems are assembled from in-stock components. This means we can supply both individual batteries and custom-designed systems fast, helping to keep your project on track.

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Innovative Railway Battery Solutions for Sustainable Energy Supply

Keeping the lifecycle costs of signalling and communications systems low is vital for both metro and remote rail networks. Battery systems need to be cost-effective to procure, simple to install, efficient to maintain, and able to be decommissioned and recycled responsibly.

Our solar railway power supply packages deliver a simple and sustainable solution for your business. Valen’s solar-powered rail solutions help you reduce greenhouse emissions by harnessing renewable energy to power signals and points, as well as reducing transport and travel costs for maintenance technicians thanks to their proven reliability.

Plus, our ISO14001-accredited end-of-life recycling program ensures you can dispose of used batteries responsibly and keep them out of the waste stream.

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Fully Tailored Rail Power & Energy Storage Systems for Rail Applications

Choosing the right energy storage for your railway telecommunication system can make a substantial cost difference over the life of the equipment.

That’s why Valen helps you design the most efficient system for your application, offering holistic engineering advice and long-term support to ensure you’re getting optimum efficiency over the life of your equipment.

Our team partners with some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest infrastructure operators to design the most efficient battery storage systems. We’re an engineering company first and foremost, but we’re also railway battery suppliers with a massive stock holding and sophisticated inventory system. Whether you require a custom solution or an off-the-shelf replacement battery, we’ll get it shipped to your site, fast.

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Valen – Helping the Rail Industry Move Forward Powerfully

With our custom engineering capability, demanding quality processes, long-standing environmental accreditations and commissioning support, we’re much more than just a battery supplier. Partnering with Valen gives you access to valuable design insights, extensive quality testing, innovative product development and on-site product training, all designed to prevent downtime, save money and maximise efficiency.
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Telecommunications Power Supply FAQ

Stand-alone trackside power systems are ideal for remote railway signalling requirements within the rail corridor. These off-grid solar systems are modular and flexible, designed to provide continuous, reliable power with minimal maintenance.

One of our most popular solutions is a 6 solar panel system complete with 1800 Watts of solar and 48V 465Ah of battery capacity. This standard system provides up to 7 days of autonomy, however Valen offers a customised option specifically for the rail industry with up to 3000W of solar, up to 48V 2000Ah of battery capacity, and industry-standard 10-day autonomy.

Additional components such as wind turbines, generators, and remote monitoring systems allow for even more powerful performance in isolated locations, resulting in less time spent checking and maintaining signalling and telecommunication systems. And, when maintenance is required, our tilting solar panel brackets make cleaning simple and safe.

Rail signalling and power systems are complex and multifaceted, with batteries just one part of the overall picture. By partnering with a business like Valen that specialises in rail system solutions, you can identify opportunities to increase efficiency throughout all your railway power supply assets. Ask us about system design for railway applications to learn more about our customised design services.

Train signalling systems utilise similar batteries to other industries, however by looking at railway telecommunication and signalling equipment as a complete system, the battery can be ‘designed in’ to optimise your railway power supply needs and reduce overall operating costs. Some of Valen’s popular railway batteries include the front terminal EnduroGEL VRLA battery range with catalyst life extender, the EnviroX-CEL range and our newest rack-mounted 48V lithium batteries. When installed in railway applications, these batteries offer reduced maintenance costs and reliable, long-term performance.

Choosing a railway battery supplier based on price alone is likely to end up being more expensive in the long run. This is because a reputable battery supplier should look beyond the initial request and identify areas for real efficiency gains in your power systems.

Valen’s highly skilled team can provide bespoke technical advice to ensure you have an optimised design layout, along with suggestions for efficient maintenance and battery testing procedures, ultimately leading to reduced lifecycle costs for both rail operators and electrical contractors.

At Valen, we don’t ‘just sell batteries’

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