Industrial Battery Chargers

Valen Battery Chargers have been designed, manufactured and tested to Australian & New Zealand standards giving you peace of mind that they will perform to expectations.

Valen’s range of high-quality Battery Chargers ensures your deep cycle batteries are never short of power!

Is your battery being charged correctly? Premature battery failure can be often linked to incorrect charging.

As an end-to-end solution provider of batteries, the team at Valen ensure your batteries are charged correctly. We want you to achieve the maximum efficiency from your batteries.

After a customised solution? Reach out to the team at Valen today!

Custom Battery Chargers

In keeping with our specialist energy storage solutions, Valen welcomes enquiries for customised battery chargers and DC power supplies. Our team will assess and recommend a charger solution, bearing in mind your full project scope, ensuring that your system operates at maximum efficiency.

Customised Lithium Battery Charger systems designed to work in with existing BMS parameters of your battery are available on request as well.

Contact Valen now for the Battery Charger checklist!

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