2V Cells

When requiring batteries for larger battery systems, look no further than the Valen 2V Battery Cells range.

To meet your power requirements and guarantee reliability, Valen is proud to offer three ranges of 2V batteries.

But we’re not just about “selling batteries”. We’re here to work alongside you, solve your problems and provide ongoing support from our expert technical team.

If you are looking to install a large battery bank, talk to the experts at Valen, and we can help provide you with the right solution for your project.

We proudly service clients across Australia and New Zealand from diverse industries.

Benefits of 2V batteries


The largest advantage of using 2V Cells over utilising 6V or 12V battery cells is the flexibility of Voltage and Capacity.

Design Life

Design life on a 2V Cell is generally around 15-20 years, as opposed to the 6V or 12V option, which could be as little as five years.

Handling, Installing And Maintaining The Battery System

When handling, installing and maintaining the battery system, the 2V Batteries are a better option as the overall footprint and weight are less as it is split over more battery cells.

Designed for larger systems

Put simply, 2V cells are designed for larger system installs, resulting in neater installation using standard racking. This also makes maintenance and accessing battery terminals easier, quicker and minimises risk.

Ideal applications include

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