Indicative Battery Tester

Valen has a range of Load Battery testers. These Load Battery Testers conduct the test utilising a full discharge to the battery, ensuring peace of mind that the battery will hold up in its required application.

What applications are ideal for
indicative battery testers?

Fire and pumping



Security systems


IT infrastructure

Emergency lighting

To learn more about Indicative battery testers and the advantages of this technology in specific applications, please contact the team at Valen or read our blogs.

Valen’s full range of battery testers ensures there is a way of finding out just how reliable your battery system is!

We stock quick indicative battery testers for onsite inspections that immediately indicate a small-medium battery capacity; a pulse load test is applied, allowing for easy, instantaneous results.

What is pulse load testing?

Pulse load testing is a form of battery testing where the tester does short bursts of current, drawing from the battery and then uses an internal algorithm to determine the battery’s capacity.

Why would you use pulse load testing?

Pulse load testing is predominately used in applications where the technician does not have the time to conduct the full load test or where it would not be efficient or cost-effective to do so.

Who would use pulse load testing?

Valen would mainly recommend Pulse Load Testing for fire and security, door automation or small UPS applications.

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