612 Intelligent Battery Tester (IBT)



SKU: BT12012

The 612 Intelligent Battery Tester advances the Chrome IBT with its durable high impact ABS case protected by a rubber holster ideal for harsh working conditions.

By giving a clear and accurate indication of a battery’s Ah capacity available, the 612 IBT makes it easy to identify replacements quickly. An identification table printed on the tester shows standard battery sizes and what Ah capacity rate they should be recharged or replaced.


Pocket-Sized 612 IBT units are pocket-sized for easy transportation and adding to technicians toolkit Fast Return Delivering fast results, the 612 IBT enables technicians to save time on site Simple and Quick to Use Easily attach the 612 IBT to the battery by sliding on the terminal clamps for an instant reading Flexibility The flexibility of the 612 IBT allow users to test a broader range of 6V and 12V batteries Minimise Replacement 612 IBT minimises the number of battery replacements saving costs and the environment Instantaneous Results Instantaneous results allow technicians equipped with the 612 IBT to increase battery sales as clients can see their current battery state Calibration Kits 612 IBT calibration kits are available; recalibration recommended annually


The 612 IBT is designed to indicate the capacity of a range of VRLA AGM and Gel batteries.


Length41 mm
Width170 mm
Height84 mm


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