Impedance Battery Testers

Measuring the impedance of a battery is a reliable indicator of the health of a battery and is taken as a comparative reading.

What applications are ideal for
indicative battery testers?

Fire and pumping



Security systems


IT infrastructure

Emergency lighting

To learn more about Indicative battery testers and the advantages of this technology in specific applications, please contact the team at Valen or read our blogs.

Impedance testing is where an AC signal is injected into a DC battery to check the internal resistance of a battery. The most important thing to note is that it is an AC signal, not a DC signal, which is resistance testing.

Why would you use impedance testing?

Impedance Testing is utilised in applications where the batteries cannot be removed or disconnected from their installation for testing.
This could be in a UPS or communication site holding up critical infrastructure.

Who would use impedance testing?

Utility companies, telecommunication, and UPS technicians, to name a few. Impedance testing is suitable for anyone that’s testing larger batteries and systems on a regular service schedule.

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