Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

Valen’s robust stand alone power systems, designed for Australia’s challenging landscapes, ensure uninterrupted power in remote environments. Engineered with resilience in mind, our solutions deploy cutting-edge technology and premium components, including solar panels, batteries, inverters, and generators. Easy to install and rapidly deployable, our secure platform offers scalable and cost-effective monitoring and control, supporting residential, commercial, and industrial operations in Australasia.

Advantages of Valens Community Battery

  • Australian made and engineered means product support and spares are readily available
  • Designed so both the power hub and the PV can be rapidly deployed
  • Pest & Insect Proof
  • Portable system structure available as an option for sites with changing requirements
  • Modular systems which means they that they have the ability to be scaled up if the load profiles increases
  • Remote monitoring for easy tracking of multiple remote sites
  • Ability to intergrate into NOC’s providing secure monitoring and control

Optional Upgrades

Customise your system to your site. Valen ModX optional extras allow you to ensure your system is ready to go for challenging site locations.

  • AC and DC Diesel Generator with Bunded fuel tank
    (Remote/AutoStart, Tank Levels & Temperature Sensors
  • 48V Wind Turbine – 220W>
  • Upgrade to Cyclonic Wind Rating
  • Precast Concrete Pads
  • Coastal/ Corrosive Environment upgrade
  • Can be AC/DC coupled, single, split or three phase
  • Visual Designs
  • Maintenance Plan


Key Features: Modular Pre Engineered

PV Size (kWp): 4.1

PV (kW): 3.45

Inverter (kW): 7.2

ESS (kWh): 14.4


Key Features: Modular Pre Engineered

PV Size (kWp): 7.38

PV (kW): 6.9

Inverter (kW): 14.4

ESS (kWh): 24


Key Features: Modular Pre Engineered

PV Size (kWp): 14.76

PV (kW): 13.82

Inverter (kW): 21.6

ESS (kWh): 43.2


Key Features: Modular Pre Engineered

PV Size (kWp): 29.52

PV (kW): 27.6

Inverter (kW): 28.8

ESS (kWh): 86.4

Monitoring + Control

Valen provides an agnostic, all-encompassing remote monitoring and management platform to track, analyse and optimise your telecommunications sites’ performance. We offer an array of tools to help maximise the efficiency of your sites’ power supplies and ensure that they run efficiently and uninterrupted, resulting in cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.


Energy utilization: Remote scheduling management, and monitoring of passive equipment, such as batteries, generators and solar panels using insight based analytics.
Site uptime: Productivity maximisation that results in minimal energy loss, power drops, technical malfunctions, service disruptions, and regulatory fines.
Sustainability: Improving renewable energy utilisation, preventing unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels, and reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact.
Cost Saving: Save costs and reduce service roll-outs. Make informed decisions to manage efficiently


Smart Battery (BMS): Our two-pronged monitoring and management solution includes both battery tracking technology to mitigate theft and monitoring technology to track battery health while im- proving longevity and overall efficiency.
Network Operations Center (NOC): A solution that offers enhanced network visibility across an organisation’s site parameters, allowing event management and remote site control.
Security Enforcement: A multi-level security system armed with real-time alerts and CCTV cameras, reducing breach and theft risk to near zero.
Colocation Management: An integrated platform that aggregates energy consumption information for multiple tenants and offers efficient management and smart billing capabilities.

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