Valen RE856 Impedance Tester



SKU: BT11015

When a complete system shutdown is not an option, the Valen RE856 Battery Impedance Meter will test a range of batteries without the need to disconnect them.

Featuring easily programmable software which can be adapted to suit your battery systems, the Valen RE856 has become the economical battery impedance meter of choice. A built-in comparator stores up to 99 sets of various battery types for testing and analysis. The Valen RE856 has a USB interface and a micro SD card allowing the user to store unlimited readings.


Advanced Software

The advanced software for the Valen RE856 allows the user to edit and send comparator settings, download data to a spreadsheet and obtain comprehensive graphs

Instant Results

Instantaneous battery impedance results from the Valen RE856 save the user time on site


The flexibility of the design means the Valen RE856 can test an extensive range of different voltages and battery technologies

Data Logging

The data logging function of up to 4800 data sets allows the user to monitor the battery condition over time and prevents unplanned battery failure

The Tester Includes

Hard carry case, DC current clamp, test probes, test clamps, and zero board. Advanced Accessories Optional Valen RE856 unique probes and extra clamps allow for flexibility in battery testing


The Valen RE856 is the ideal solution for regular battery maintenance inspections required in many industries, including high voltage systems, UPS, telecommunications and emergency backup applications.


Length198 mm
Width94 mm
Height49 mm


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