Mobility Scooter Batteries

Batteries used to power mobility scooters, and powered wheelchairs can be expensive, so it’s always essential that you have high-quality batteries with the right technology type installed to suit your demands.

High-quality Batteries

Ensure you have high-quality batteries and the correct technology installed in your mobility equipment. Hybrid and Gel batteries are used widely in mobility equipment as opposed to AGM batteries. Reduce the need for constant replacements by ensuring you install a reliable Valen Forte Hybrid or Valen Gel battery.

Battery Chargers

One of the critical reasons you may experience issues with your batteries is because you may be using the wrong battery charger and not following the best charging practices. Mobility aid equipment that receives regular, frequent charging will reward you with dependable performance, consistent power and a long battery lifespan. Approved mobility battery chargers have an inbuilt ‘smart’ function which regulates the charge and ensures your batteries are correctly charged. With these types of chargers, like the Valen Convection Cooled battery chargers, you cannot over-charge your batteries.


Valen has many excellent distributors nationwide who would be more than happy to help you with any battery or battery charger enquiry you may have. Contact us to find your closest distributor and have a high-quality, reliable Valen battery and battery charger installed.

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      Recent Testimonials


      Aidacare has been a valued client of Valen’s for the past 5 years. Vicki says ‘Valen is a great company to deal with, their customer service is 10 out of 10 and I have no problems with them whatsoever’. Watch the video to see why Aidacare choose Valen.

      Active Rehab

      Active Rehab has been a valued client of Valen’s for 10+ years because of our reliability and confidence in our batteries. They had experience with other battery companies in the past but the batteries had malfunctioned and provided a severe health and safety issue to their clients and their team when handling these batteries. Watch the video to see why Active Rehab replaced these faulty batteries with Valen.

      Angel Mobility

      ‘In fact I had an occasion to assist a customer who had 2 x 40Ah C/10 AGM batteries (opposition brand) in his scooter which would not give him the running time he required. I changed them for 2 x 40Ah C/20 [Valen] Gels and he has just come in this morning saying how delighted he is with the performance, not only in terms of travel time but general performance of his scooter…a very happy chappie!! So a lesson has been learnt, at least from my side.’

      Guardian Mobility

      ‘Just wanted to say to the entire team at Valen, it is obvious you work hard to ensure you provide your customers with excellent customer service. We are very pleased to have a working relationship with you. Your advice is always spot on and we know we can rely on your technical and warranty support, your products are quality items and clearly well tested. Deliveries are always dispatched quickly and your communication is absolutely amazingly fantastic. Your support and assistance helps us to run our business more efficiently and helps us keep our customers happy too. Thank you, we really appreciate the effort you go to.’

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