Tekon 960 Impedance Battery Tester



SKU: BT11960

Designed to make technician’s field service maintenance effortless, the Tekon 960 can handle virtually all high-voltage battery systems.

Being an impedance meter allows the Tekon 960 to produce fast and accurate results that can be effortlessly transmitted to remote data holding locations using a mobile app while onsite.
All results are effectively recorded and stored, and there is no risk of lost data. Tekon 960 can offer service teams more efficiency and productiveness onsite saving thousands of dollars in downtime and HR expenses.


– Measures internal resistance on battery systems of up to 500V
– Measures voltages of battery systems of up to DC1000V
– Measures AC voltage of up to 600V (for UPS)
– Measures ripple voltage, current and temperature
– Diagnoses ageing batteries and predicts the life span based on historical data allowing the user to time the battery replacement
– Can store historical battery results in its 8MB memory
– Auto-hold and data storage
– Prints out measurements data in reports
– Transmits measurement data to remote locations (i.e. email, server) using Mobile App




Length240 mm
Width198 mm
Height109 mm


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