HIOKI 3554 Battery Tester



SKU: BT11021

Hioki 3554 allows for fast, reliable, hands-on battery impedance testing without the need to disconnect the system.

The Hioki Battery Impedance Tester sets the standard for assessing the deterioration and remaining life of a battery by giving a complete diagnosis via battery resistance testing.
The specially designed pin-type lead further improves testing efficiency with an L-shaped tip that allows the user to reach deep into the battery racks for an accurate terminal reading on hard-to-reach batteries.


Robust Casing The new robust protective casing on the Hioki 3554 delivers a better ergonomic hold, extending durability in the field Fast Testing Designed for fast testing of batteries, the Hioki 3554 can measure and save data in as fast as 2 seconds saving time on site Instant Results Instantaneous results allow the Hioki 3554 user to diagnose battery degradation by measuring internal resistance and voltage Various Connections Variety of connections for flexibility and adapting to the user’s systems, the Hioki 3554 has optional clamps and probes available Testing Flexibility Hioki 3554 can test a large range of battery voltages and technologies Data Logging The data logging function of the Hioki 3554 allows the user to monitor the battery condition over time


Data Centres


Length192 mm
Width55 mm
Height121 mm


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