Valen’s Hybrid Supercapacitors

Valen is redefining storage technology with its hybrid supercapacitor energy storage systems

Module Front View

The Valen Summit Series utilises our advanced Hybrid Supercapacitor storage technology.

Benefits include negligible degradation over lifetime, ultra fast charge and discharge, no thermal runaway hazard, simple operation, practically unlimited cycles, -40 °C to + 60 °C operating temperature and 99% round trip efficiency.

The Summit Series is specifically designed to be used in a wide range of inverter or DC-based applications, including solar, backup, mobility, grid-storage, recreational and much more.

Energy can be safely used with our EZ-Power technology. The EZ-Power features include short circuit detection, multiple unit imbalance control and controlled load charge-up.

Utilize our remote monitoring for Android and /05 through Wi-Fi and setup with our user-friendly Bluetooth App for mobile devices. Units are completely modular with unlimited parallel compatibility. Designed for extremely long life (up to 45 years).

Valen’s Summit series is the ultimate choice in contemporary storage technologies.

Valen’s hybrid-supercap modules are superior to lithium-ion

No Capacity Degradation

Completely Modular Construction

100% Usable Capacity

Fast Charging/ Discharging

Extremely Long Life

No Heat generation or Thermal Runaway

Ultra-High Efficiency of 99.1%

Carbon-Based Material


Valen’s cost of storage per kWh is extremely low

Source: ESGC Cost Performance Report 2022 – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Valens is focusing on stationary storage

The stationary market is 2x larger than the mobile market and easier to access.

Areas of focus:

Telecom Backup

Utility Energy Storage


EV Charging

Secure Communications Layer - Data, Alarms

Hybrid Supercapacitor-Based Storage , UI Components Electrostatic Energy Storage, Ultra-High Density

Data Collection

  • Charge/Discharge Rate
  • Terminal Voltage
  • Internal Temperature
  • Current Charge State


  • Over Volt / Current
  • Unsafe to Connect
  • Power Up Safely
  • Low/No Power Recovery

Normal Operation

  • Power up Electronics
  • Safe to Connect
  • Cell Balancing
  • Clean, Stable Power

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