12V Front Terminal Batteries

Looking for reliable valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) front terminal batteries and expert technical support?

To meet your power requirements and guarantee reliability, Valen is proud to offer both advanced AGM and Gel type VRLA Front Terminal batteries in 12V configurations.

But we’re not just about “selling batteries”. We’re here to work alongside you, solve your problems and provide ongoing support from our expert technical team.
If you’re unsure if VRLA Front Terminal battery technologies are right for your project needs, talk to the experts at Valen.

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Ideal applications include

Benefits of VRLA Front Terminal Batteries

Installation of VRLA Front Terminal batteries into cabinets or racks tends to be very simple compared to other batteries. The battery terminals are located at the front of the battery. Therefore the terminals are easily reached and can be connected using a small interconnecting bar rather than various lengths of cables.

Maintenance is quick with the accessibility of the terminals being located at the front of the battery. Taking these readings from easy to reach terminals is a great advantage and a significant time-saving feature when compared to other batteries.

VRLA batteries are also maintenance-free and therefore do not require to be topped up with water.

Construction of VRLA Front Terminal Batteries

All lead-acid front terminal batteries are constructed from positive and negative lead plates connected in series. The electrolyte can be in many forms and immobilised in different materials depending on the battery technology.

There are two main subtypes of lead-acid batteries – traditional flooded wet cell batteries and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. Note – VRLA batteries are sometimes referred to as Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.

VRLA batteries are different to flooded wet cell batteries because they are designed in a way so they can be tilted without leaking acid. Another essential feature of VRLA batteries is the valves which sit at the top above the battery to release gas as the battery pressure increases.

There are two primary types of VRLA front terminal batteries available – AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Gel. Both AGM and Gel batteries have the same container, plates and pressure relief valves. The difference comes down to the type of separator used which sits between the lead plates. Each type of separator has certain advantages and disadvantages when used in different applications. The plates thickness, quantity and structure, differs between these battery technologies.

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