You can't provide an energy solution to everyone, and we don't try to.

You can’t provide an energy solution to everyone, and we don’t try to

At Valen, we’re all about finding the End-to-End battery solution for our customer’s battery and energy storage needs, and over the past 23 years, we have worked with clients who have chosen to work with us repeatedly.

Our customers do this because our team doesn’t ‘just sell batteries’; we provide our customers with all the support and integration expertise to meet their requirements.

We often receive feedback that our team has taken the time to understand our customer’s requirements and provided them with the best solution to help save them time on site.

So how does our team do this? It’s not just the excellent communication throughout a project, the turnkey package that works as soon as it’s installed, or the lollies that customers get with their monthly battery delivery. Although these are definite ‘pros’, the primary component is that we have chosen to work with customers who understand Valen’s value. A value that comes from 23 years of building our capability, 23 years of technical knowledge developed and shared with our community and 23 years of feedback from our customers.

Who we don’t sell to

Over our history, we have said no to customers who are not a good fit.


Customers who are after A cheaply built battery

Sure, we are all looking to save a dollar here or there. But with most things, you get what you pay for. So yes, there are cheaper batteries on the market, but Valen is committed to providing a quality product that will last the distance.

If unsure, look at the weight, capacity and the CCA of the cheaper batteries and compare them against our quality Valen batteries. 

Retail Battery customers

Valen remains competitive by choosing to work and build partnerships with business customers who understand our value. Retail customers will still benefit from our batteries, but we recommend they purchase them through our distributor network.

For a list of stockists near you, please head to our Mobility Scooters Page or send us a message via Contact Us.


Projects where our end-to-end battery solutions are not the best for the customers

“When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anybody”. As we have honed our capability throughout the years, we have learned what we are good at.

We like being really good at what we do, so we aim to align our capability with customers who will benefit from that. It has meant we have turned down big projects with big budgets, which can hurt, but it has served our existing customers and us better in the long run.

At Valen, we don’t ‘just sell batteries’; we’re all about finding the End-to-End battery solution, and we provide our customers with all the support and integration expertise to meet their requirements.


Reach out to Valen if you have any questions

We know everyone is running a hundred miles an hour, so we hope this information can save you some time.

However, if you are still unsure whether we are the right fit for you, reach out to the team to discuss your Energy Storage needs.


Which battery is right for my application?

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With customer service being one of our core values, we go above and beyond for our clients. The Valen team are here to support you. Get in touch with the Valen team today via phone or email.

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