Choosing the Right Battery for Your Cleaning Machine: AGM, Hybrid, or Gel? 

Cleaning machines play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various industries. To ensure these machines operate efficiently, the choice of battery is vital. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), Hybrid, and Gel batteries are three popular options with distinct advantages. In this blog, we’ll compare these battery types to help you determine which one suits your cleaning machine needs, from good, better, to best. 

AGM Batteries – Good 

AGM batteries are a cheap and widely used power source for cleaning machines. They are designed to absorb electrolyte in a fiberglass mat separator, which makes them spill-proof and maintenance-free. Here’s why AGM batteries are a good choice: 

  1. Maintenance-Free: AGM batteries require minimal maintenance compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. They don’t need water refilling, reducing downtime. 
  2. Vibration Resistance: Cleaning machines can encounter vibrations during operation. AGM batteries are more resistant to vibration, ensuring stable power delivery. 
  3. Faster Charging: AGM batteries have a high charge acceptance rate, allowing for quicker recharges and less downtime between cleaning sessions. 
  4. Suitable for Tight Spaces: Their compact design and flexibility make AGM batteries suitable for machines with limited space. 

However, AGM batteries do have limitations. They may not handle deep discharges as well as other types, and their lifespan may be shorter under heavy use. Overall, the AGM battery is more suited to standby applications than deep cycling. So, if you find yourself having to replace your AGM battery more often than you’d like, you may want to consider a Hybrid battery.  

Hybrid Batteries – Better 

Hybrid batteries combine the best features of AGM and Gel batteries, making them a better option for cleaning machines. These batteries use a combination of absorbed glass mat and gel electrolyte technology. Here’s why hybrid batteries stand out: 

  1. Enhanced Durability: The combination of AGM and Gel technologies results in increased battery life and better cycling capabilities. This makes hybrid batteries more suitable for intensive cleaning applications. 
  2. Deep Discharge Tolerance: Hybrid batteries can handle deep discharges better than AGM batteries, which is crucial for cleaning machines with variable power demands. 
  3. Low Maintenance: Similar to AGM batteries, hybrids require minimal maintenance and are spill-proof. 
  4. Versatile Use: Hybrid batteries are suitable for a wide range of cleaning machine types and can adapt to different operating conditions. 

While hybrid batteries offer significant advantages, they may come at a higher cost than AGM batteries. 

Typically, if our customers run a fleet of cleaning machines and want to minimise downtime and associated costs due to battery failure, they will opt for Gel Batteries. 

Gel Batteries – Best 

Gel batteries are the top-tier choice for cleaning machines, offering superior performance and longevity. They contain a gel-ified electrolyte that enhances their performance and durability. Here’s why gel batteries are considered the best: 

  1. Deep Discharge Capability: Gel batteries excel in deep discharge scenarios, making them ideal for cleaning machines with heavy-duty cycles. 
  2. Extended Lifespan: Gel batteries typically have a longer lifespan than AGM and hybrid batteries, reducing replacement frequency and associated costs. 
  3. Temperature Tolerance: They perform exceptionally well in extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent power output in various environments. 
  4. Low Self-Discharge Rate: Gel batteries have a lower self-discharge rate, allowing for longer periods of inactivity without losing charge. 

While gel batteries are undoubtedly the best choice, they do come with a higher upfront cost. However, their long-term benefits can outweigh this initial investment for businesses with demanding cleaning machine requirements. 

Selecting the right battery for your cleaning machine is crucial for efficiency and productivity. AGM batteries are a good choice, offering reliability and low maintenance. Hybrid batteries take it up a notch with improved durability and deep discharge capabilities, making them a better option. However, if you seek the ultimate performance, longevity, and resilience, gel batteries stand as the best choice for your cleaning machine. Keep in mind that the initial cost should be weighed against long-term benefits when making your decision. 

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