Why would I change my VRLA Batteries to Lithium batteries? It is a question tossed around as our customers look to replace their existing batteries.

Why would I change my VRLA Batteries to Lithium batteries?

Why would I change my VRLA Batteries to Lithium batteries? It is a question tossed around as our customers look to replace their existing batteries.

In this Valen blog, our experts discuss the difference between the VRLA and Lithium technologies and why customers would change their current VRLA (Valve regulated Lead Acid – AGM) batteries to Lithium (LiFePo4 – Lithium Ferro Phosphate technology) batteries.

Battery Safety

Valen ENLiFEN Lithium batteries have an internal BMS (Battery Management System) as standard to prevent over-voltage and discharge, thermal runaway and short-circuiting. Standard VRLA batteries do not have this feature.


Battery Weight

Lithium batteries are Lighter in weight, have a greater energy density, and contain the highest current in the smallest possible battery casing.

Valen ENLiFEN Lithium batteries are up 50% lighter than the VRLA equivalent. For Example, the Valen Topin 12V100Ah or the Valen Excel 12V100Ah battery is 32kgs, and the Valen ENLiFEN 12V100Ah is only 13kgs.

Therefore, lithium batteries are easier to install and better for WHS (ease of lifting with one or two people saving the need for expensive cranes in installation and maintenance).


Custom Batteries

Lithium batteries are fully customisable. Valen ENLiFEN Lithium batteries can be customised to suit pre-existing sites, allowing for easy retrofitting into existing enclosures or racking.

Voltage, capacity, case sizes and type, terminal connectors, BMS, and more, are all able to be customised to suit the specific application allowing the user to get battery longevity.

Being customisable enables the Valen ENLiFEN battery to be utilised in applications where standard Lead-acid batteries cannot fit


Battery Life Span

Lithium batteries have a significantly longer design life than their VRLA equivalents. This in turn makes Lithium batteries the Battery of choice for critical standby and cyclic applications.


Extreme Conditions

Valen ENLiFEN Lithium Batteries can withstand extreme weather conditions. High Temperatures are one of the most significant determining factors of the life span of a VRLA battery. Lithium batteries can withstand extreme weather conditions much better than their VRLA equivalents.

Standard VRLA batteries have an optimal operating temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. For Example, Battery Design life of 10 years at 25 Degrees Celsius – Baseline for the Battery. If the temperature increases by 8 degrees Celsius (33 degrees Celsius), the design life will be halved. The life span of the Battery will decrease by half for every 8 Degrees increased over the baseline.

Lithium Batteries can operate in conditions as low as -20 degrees and up to as hot as 60 degrees Celsius. So in remote sites where access isn’t regular, you can trust Lithium batteries to withstand the elements and last longer, saving you money over time.


Battery Costs

The outlay may be more expensive initially for Lithium Batteries. HOWEVER, the long-term benefits and cost savings of using Lithium batteries, especially in remote locations and sites with extreme temperatures, outweigh the costs of more frequent maintenance, labour and replacements that occur when using VRLA batteries.


Please reach out to the team if you have any questions about the VRLA and Lithium batteries, we are more than happy to help you with your requirements and chat through custom options.

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