ENLiFEN Custom Battery Lithium Battery Range

Introducing the custom Valen ENLiFEN Lithium Battery Range – powering excellence designed for your system.

Valen Power can produce custom design lithium batteries in any voltage, capacity, dimension and battery enclosure.

Lithium Phosphate has 4x the cycle life of VRLA batteries and half the weight, with its weight advantages and great cycle life, Lithium makes the ideal battery technology to be used in custom battery packs.

Being the safest lithium technology on the market paired with its performance characteristics brings a wide range of advantages to the user and the possibilities are near too endless.

Starting with the cell, many different lithium cells can be selected, whether they’re cylindrical or prismatic. Valen Power has standardized on the 18650 cell which is 3.2V 4000mAh, however, should this cell not work for your application, we’re not limited to using just one cell, we’ll find one that best meets the application. Along with this, manufacturing processes are continually being redefined and improved to improve energy density, increase cycle life and create a superior performance at high and low temperatures.

The materials, mechanical structure and technology are continually being improved to ensure the ENLiFEN cell stays ahead of the market demands. So as the cells develop, Valen Power’s preferred cell will change.
All Valen ENLiFEN cells are paired with a Battery Management System (BMS) to meet the need and application. The BMS covers the following:
Safety Management: protection against overcharge/over-discharge, over current protection, lower and high temp protection and multi-level fault diagnosis
Balance Management: the balancing of the battery cells in voltage and capacity to ensure the battery remains balanced and cells do not get overcharged or discharged.
Valen ENLiFEN batteries can come in a range of ABS, Aluminium or PVC casing options, whatever the need, Valen has the solution!
From cases moulded to fit into your application or shaped to add to the aesthetics of your product, Valen’s cases can be customised to suit.
When you combine the ENLiFEN cells, with the Battery Management System (BMS) and custom case, Valen can help you develop the perfect lithium battery pack.

Talk to Valen Power today and discuss your custom LiFePO4 battery pack.
The team will tailor the battery pack to your specific application, whether that’s using a custom case, adding on extra connectors, handles, custom lead etc, you name it the options are endless.
Valen Power’s lithium batteries have the necessary certificates to ensure you as the user are protected.
Safety is taken very seriously at Valen, that’s why we have certified our cell to UN38.3, IEC 62619, IEC 62133, UL 1642 and the MSDS.
Valen process all starts with you completing the system requirements form below. Once completed, the team at Valen will review it and clarify any unclear points and then the battery will then be designed and components specified.
A spec will then be created along with the sign off from the customer,
Samples or a prototype can then be arranged for testing and clarification purposes. Once sign off has been completed and a PO received, the battery will be ordered and delivered to the customers.

Custom ENLiFEN PO4 Request

System requirements for BMS on ENLiFEN PO4 Batteries

Mobility, Marine, Solar, Standby etc
Charger Required
If so, please specify dimensions (L x W x H)
Connection / terminals, handles, casing material etc
If known
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Add any pics of your existing battery / setup, connections etc to assist in the fastest response to satisfy your needs
Copy of Response

Which battery is right for my application?

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