Which Battery Tester is best to use in a Data Centre

Which Battery Tester is best to use in a Data Centre?

Which Battery Tester is best to use in a Data Centre?

What Battery Tester is Best suited to Data Centre Applications?

What Battery Tester is best suited to Data Centre Batteries?

Is there a tester I can use while my system is still live-circuited?

Do you have a tester that will analyse various battery systems?


Valens Data Centre and UPS clients ask these questions, and YES, we have the solution for them (and you)!

TEKON 960 Impedance Battery Tester

The Tekon 960 Impedance Battery Tester is designed to make technician’s field service maintenance effortless; the Tekon 960 can handle virtually all high-voltage battery systems. In addition, the Tekon 960 produces fast and accurate measurements on live circuited battery systems enabling the user to diagnose and evaluate the degree of aging by testing the conditions of the individual battery (1000V max.).

These results can either be stored internally in an 8MB data bank or effortlessly transmitted to remote data holding locations using a mobile app onsite. This means all results are effectively recorded and stored, minimising the risk of lost data.

The highly sophisticated Tekon 960 Battery Analyser can measure the internal resistance of up to 500V, battery system voltage of up to 1000V or AC voltage of up to 600V. This intuitive tester also measures ripple voltage, current, and temperature.

The Tekon 960 diagnoses ageing batteries and predicts the life span based on historical data allowing the user to time the battery replacement.

Innovative Features of the Tekon 960 Battery Tester

  • Measures internal resistance on battery systems of up to 500V
  • Measures voltages of battery systems of up to DC1000V
  • Measures AC voltage of up to 600V (for UPS)
  • Measures ripple voltage, current and temperature
  • Diagnoses ageing batteries and predicts the life span based on historical data
  • Can store historical battery results in its 8MB memory
  • Auto-hold and data storage
  • Prints out measurements data in reports
  • Transmits measurement data to remote locations
  • Handy to use Mobile App

Valen Battery Tester Training

Valen prides itself in supporting its clients after the initial sale by offering Battery Tester Training to your team!

This training can be conducted at your offices or battery site, giving you a hands-on learning experience with expert guidance tailored to your needs.

This training also ensures your team remains updated with the latest battery technologies, safety and testing.


Contact the Valen team today

So, are you ready to receive accurate, hassle-free results with the Tekon 960 battery tester at your site? Contact the Valen Team today!


Which battery is right for my application?

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