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Can you overcharge mobility scooter batteries?

Can you overcharge mobility scooter batteries? Yes, you can! If you are using the incorrect charger.

In this blog, the team at Valen will cover a few pointers for you to ensure that your mobility batteries are never overcharged.

mobility scooter batteries

A mobility scooter with VRLA batteries and the correct multistage battery charger can be left constantly plugged in when not in use,

In fact, this is recommended as the battery charger will boost charge the battery, then drop back into a float charge, ensuring that the battery is correctly charged and maintained.

Your mobility scooter specialist will know the winning battery and charger combination for you, ensuring your batteries are well charged and maintained.

So what if you don’t use a Multistage Charger?

If you are charging your VRLA mobility scooter or electric wheelchair batteries with a standard charger, this may be a power supply unit (not a multistage charger). A power supply will just charge the battery at a constant current without trying to ‘top the battery up.’ Charging like this will lead to a decrease in the battery’s performance and premature failure. Depending on the charger specifications, leaving your batteries on a constant charge may also be unsafe.  

What if I have Gel Batteries in my mobility scooter?

If your mobility scooter is running on Gel Batteries (and most do nowadays as they outlast the cheaper AGM technology in cyclic mobility applications), ask your mobility scooter specialist to ensure the multistage charger is pre-programmed with the Gel algorithm. This will ensure your batteries are looked after the best they can be for longevity.

What else should you be aware of so your batteries are not overcharged?

There is a rare chance that something could go wrong with the batteries installed in your mobility scooter where they emit a strange smell. In this case, disconnect the battery charger immediately and contact your mobility scooter specialist for a service. Leaving the scooter connected will overcharge the batteries and aggravate the problem.  

What if I have Lithium Phosphate (LiFE Po4) in my scooter?

Lithium batteries are best charged with a standard power supply as they generally contain a BMS (Battery Management System) inside that regulates the charge and equalises it out over the battery cells. Therefore the BMS prevents the batteries from overcharging and has over-voltage cut-out protection.

Your mobility scooter specialist will be able to recommend a winning combination for you.


Service your charger with your scooter

Always a good idea to get your battery charger serviced with your scooter. Regular charger maintenance will help prevent issues with the charger minimising the chance of overcharging the batteries.


Need a bit more support?

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