Why use 2V Battery Cells to construct a system? 2V Battery Cells may seem like a pricier option to use when designing a multi-voltage battery system. However, do the benefits outweigh the cost?

Each scenario is different, so in this Blog, Valen aims to uncover the reasons why 2V Battery Cells are the best option for multi-voltage large-capacity battery systems.

What are the advantages of using 2V Cells?

The largest advantage of using 2V Cells over utilising 6V or 12V battery cells is the flexibility of Voltage and Capacity.

For example, a total battery system of 48V2000Ah could be constructed by placing 6V or 12V batteries in series and parallel, however, this is far from ideal as cell unbalancing can occur as well as potential connection and maintenance faults.

Design life on a 2V Cell

Design life is another major advantage. Design life on a 2V Cell is generally around 15-20 years, opposed to the 6 or 12V option which could be as little as 5 years. When looking at design life it is imperative to ensure that your battery technology is matched to your battery system requirements.

handling, installing and maintaining the battery system

When it comes to handling, installing and maintaining the battery system, again the 2V Batteries are a better option as the overall footprint and weight are less as it is split over more battery cells. This minimises the WH&S risks associated with the manual handling of heavyweights. Battery lifting slings are available as well to further mitigate the risk.

Put simply 2V cells are designed for larger system installs, resulting in neater installation using standard racking. This also makes maintenance and accessing battery terminals easier, quicker and minimises risk.

Although 2V Battery Cells are more expensive, should there be a premature failure, an individual cell may be replaced rather than a whole 6 or 12V battery. This is not always recommended as the failed cell may have already damaged the rest of the system, however, if it is early days and the remaining batteries perform well when tested, then it is an option.


In wrapping up, 2V Battery Cells are the preferred option when it comes to longevity in larger battery systems for the reasons mentioned above.

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