IT’S FREEZING! …. But are your batteries surviving?

IT’S FREEZING! …. But are your batteries surviving?

IT’S FREEZING! …. But are your batteries surviving? With winter lurking just around the corner, we often get asked the question how does the cold weather affect my batteries?

This will depend on the battery technology as each technology has its own characteristics – however, like humans, all batteries perform best when stored and operated at room temperature (around 20°C).

VRLA Battery Slow Down

The chemical reactions that take place in a VRLA battery slow down in lower temperatures, therefore slowing the performance and effectively lowering the capacity accordingly. The colder the temperature is, the greater the effect. In extreme cases, the electrolyte in the Sealed VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery can freeze rupturing the battery case, so it is always best to ask for advice on your system.

best battery solution

Our team can recommend the best battery solution for cold temperature applications, calculating the lower ambient temperature into the system design, ensuring you will always be up and running!

The below graphs show how the various battery technologies perform under various temperatures;


Valve Regulated Lead Acid AGM Temperature Curves

temperature effects on capacity AGM batteries


Valve Regulated Lead Acid GEL Temperature Curves

Temperature effects on capacity gel batteries


are your batteries surviving?

Do you know the Ambient Temperature your batteries are subject to?

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