Which deep cycle batteries are correct for my Fire pump?

Which deep cycle batteries are correct for my Fire pump?

Which deep cycle batteries are correct for my Fire pump? The Australian standards state that a battery installed on a fire pump must be an AGM battery.

So, what does AGM stand for?

So what does AGM stand for? AGM is the acronym for Advance glass matt. AGM is the material installed between the lead plates inside the battery that holds the acid suspended.

AGM batteries are often referred to as deep cycle batteries when used in a cranking application. A deep cycle means the battery can be repetitively discharged.

Also known as sealed batteries, AGM batteries are, as the name implies, sealed against spilling or loss of electrolyte when operated correctly.

However, AGM batteries also have valves (VRLA – Valve Regulated Lead Acid). Internally, the acid is immobilised, and the gases that form are recombined. If an excess of pressure arises, this bleeds off through the valve.

While the sealed battery is typically considered safe to operate within enclosed areas, the low-pressure venting capability will still allow some gas to escape under certain conditions.

can I use a car battery on my pump?

We often get asked, can I use a car battery on my pump? The reason people ask this is that a standard cranking battery is readily available and, therefore, a cheaper option. The issue of using one of these batteries, other than the legality of them not being approved, is a safety concern.

A specific cranking style battery is a flooded wet cell battery, and the use of these was banned around 2011. The ban was due to several explosions where the battery’s gas was not regulated and caused a significant build-up of gas in the battery case or control room itself. When the pump was started, the ignition caused the gas (Hydrogen) to ignite.

A battery explosion happened to one of our technicians on-site several years ago, and he was sprayed with battery acid. Thankfully there was an emergency shower on-site, and he had the correct eye protection. The safety concerns are real and definitely isn’t something that has been made up.

For further information, please review the bulletin sent out by the FPA.


Valen has an extensive range of VRLA AGM batteries

Valen has an extensive range of VRLA AGM batteries and recommends the Topin range to meet the correct battery standards for fire pumps.


Reach out to the Valen team to discuss your requirements today.


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