VRLA vs Lithium Batteries in Elevators and Lifts

VRLA vs Lithium Batteries in Elevators and Lifts

VRLA vs Lithium Batteries in Elevators & Lifts. Back-up power for an Elevator and Lift applications demand a reliable, high-quality battery that will perform when you need it most.

In this blog, the experts at Valen provide a quick guide to choosing the best battery for your elevator and lifts.

Absorbent Glass Matting (AGM) batteries are widely used in elevators and lifts instead of Lithium batteries.

To answer why AGM batteries are generally the battery of choice for elevators and lifts, we need to explain the characteristics of each battery technology.

AGM Battery Technology

So, what is an AGM battery? AGM is an acronym for Absorbent Glass Matting which is the material in which the electrolyte is held inside the battery.

As opposed to traditional wet cell batteries, the internal construction of an AGM battery has the acid immobilised in the AGM separator, which is held between positive and negative lead plates.

AGM batteries are primarily designed to supply power quick and for a short time. These are ideal in standby applications, like elevators and lifts, where energy is required due to mains power failure.

AGM batteries have a quick discharge rate.

Valen stocks two types of AGM batteries

The Valen Topin and Valen X-CEL ranges:

The Valen Topin AGM Batteries 12 TP 12 are standard rechargeable Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). These batteries are robust, safe and maintenance-free.

In some cases, the tedious power draw from elevators and lifts may be too heavy for the Valen Topin technology causing premature battery failure.

The Valen X-CEL Advanced 12 VX 14 AGM technology Batteries offer that little extra. The pure lead plates in the Valen X-Cel add to the robust character of the battery, while tin in the paste on the battery plates assists in the prevention of sulphation.

Sulphation is a significant killer of VRLA batteries, especially in standby applications like elevators and lifts where the battery may sit for a time without use. Therefore, a Valen X-CEL battery is recommended for extended battery life in standby applications.

Lithium Phosphate Battery Technology

A cyclic battery option may be required if the elevator and lift are subject to heavy use and low power fluctuations.

Lithium batteries feature a customised Battery Management System (BMS) and proven ability to withstand intense applications; it has become the battery of choice for remote and space restrictive environments.

Lithium batteries operate differently from the VRLA options mentioned above; however, the Valen team would be happy to specify a solution to suit the particular elevator and lift in question.

Need advice choosing the correct battery for your elevator & lift?

Just ask Valen! We’re industry leaders in energy storage systems and have extensive experience in the elevator and lift industry. If you have a current or upcoming installation, speak to us today.

We can assist with your battery needs as well as system design so you can make that final decision with confidence. Reach out to the team today!



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