What Battery Tester is best for Telecommunication batteries?

What Battery Tester is best for Telecommunication batteries?

What Battery Tester is best for Telecommunication batteries?

Is there a tester I can use while my system is still connected?

How can I minimise battery testing time at site?

The Valen experts cover the answers to these questions, outlining the Battery Impedance Testers, a perfect fit for the Telecommunication industry.

What are Battery Impedance Testers

Battery impedance testers measure the battery’s impedance and work by comparing the battery’s impedance over a set period of time. However, impedance is not to be confused with internal resistance or conductance; they are three different measurements.


Why would you use a Battery Impedance Tester?

Battery impedance testers can provide instantaneous testing results, minimising technician time on site.

The batteries are still fully charged after the test, unlike a load test that discharges the batteries, requiring a full recharge. Instead, impedance testing gives the user the ability to predict battery failure before it occurs.

The Impedance tester does this by regularly recording battery impedance measurements when at site and watching for an upward trend.


What Battery Impedance Testers are available?

RE856 Live Circuit Battery Tester

The highly sophisticated RE856 Live Circuit Battery Tester is a more economical option and will test any battery between 1.5 to 60VDC with capacities up to 1200Ah.

These include the following technologies;

– Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) AGM, Gel and Hybrids such as Valen Forte

– Alkaline

– Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)

– Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) such as Valen ENLiFEN range

– and Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh)


Some innovative features of the RE856 Live Circuit Battery Tester are its ability to;

– Test conditions without shutting down the battery system

– Simultaneously measure battery resistance, voltage, current and temperature

– Auto-hold and auto-data storage

– Comparator function

– Rates conditions as Pass, Warning or Fail

– Memory and Read function

– Compact and light-weight hand-held tester

– USB PC interface allowing for the transfer of results


Head to the product page to find out more information on the RE856 Battery Impedance Tester.


TEKON 960 Battery Impedance Tester

The Tekon 960 Battery Impedance Tester is a more robust option, designed to make technician’s battery maintenance site visits effortless.

Being an impedance meter allows the Tekon 960 to produce fast and accurate results that can be speedily transmitted to remote data holding locations using a mobile app while onsite. In addition, the Tekon 960 can handle virtually all high-voltage battery systems.

All results are effectively recorded and stored, and there is no risk of lost data. As a result, the Tekon 960 can offer service teams more efficiency and productiveness onsite, saving thousands of dollars in downtime and HR expenses.

Innovative features of the Tekon 960 are;

– Measures internal resistance on battery systems of up to 500V

– Measures voltages of battery systems of up to DC1000V

– Measures AC voltage of up to 600V (for UPS)

– Measures ripple voltage, current and temperature

– Diagnoses ageing batteries and predicts the life span based on historical data allowing the user to time the battery replacement

– Can store historical battery results in its 8MB memory

– Auto-hold and data storage

– Prints out measurements data in reports

– Transmits measurement data to remote locations (i.e. email, server) using Mobile App


Head to the Tekon 960 product page or view the How To Use Video for more information and specifications on the Tekon 960’s ability.


Reach out to the Team at Valen to see what impedance testers can do for you and your team today!


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