Valen ENDUROGEL 6V260Ah Battery



SKU: 6EG260

6-12V Gel Monobloc Batteries with Catalyst

The Valen ENDUROGEL 6V260Ah Battery features a rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery. Genuine Gel technology allows this battery range to offer the cyclic benefits of the Valen Gel range.

However, the Valen ENDUROGEL 6V260Ah Batteryh Battery outshines the standard Gel battery by incorporating both advanced


Advanced ENDUROGEL Technology Thixotropic Gelled electrolyte, genuine Gel separators, quality lead plate, and a Catalyst Life Extender allow the Valen ENDUROGEL range to offer a 12-year design life Unique Catalyst Life Extender Prevents battery dry out allowing the Valen ENDUROGEL range to become the battery of choice for mission-critical cyclic applications FAA and IATA Approved Valen ENDUROGEL battery range is safe for air transportation


UPS Comms Datacentre Mining Rail Solar


Voltage6 V
TerminalInsert - M8
Length243 mm
Width187 mm
Height276 mm


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