Valen 24V6A Convection Cooled Battery Charger



SKU: BC30004

The Valen 24V6A Convection Cooled Battery Charger boasts superior quality and reliability with the ability to correctly charge and maintain batteries, ensuring longevity

The Valen Convection Cooled Battery Charger has an input voltage of 110V to 240V allowing it to operate universally.
Thermal protection against overheating is also built-in, reverse polarity, output shorting and spark protection.


Convection Cooling = no fan, no noise!

Handle on the charger ensures it’s easily portable

Canon/XLR plug for mobility scooters and power wheelchair applications


Mobility Scooter
Electric Wheelchairs


Voltage24 V
Length190 mm
Width145 mm
Height70 mm


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