EPS 12V20A Battery Charger



SKU: BC31006

12V EPS Battery Chargers

The EPS Battery Charger is compact in size and lightweight. It has a short circuit and reverse polarity protection and is suitable for any lead-acid battery. You can switch to the mute function and a switch field for the selection of the charging voltage and timer function is also available.


Universal AC input
RoHS Compliant
IP54 protection for damp environment
Overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
5 stage charging control
Used for Golf Buggies, Automotives, Powered Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters
This unit comes standard with Alligator Clips but can be modified to a Cannon Plug on request


EPS Battery Chargers are designed and manufactured to suit the needs of the electric scooter user. The multi-stage charger will first lightly charge the batteries, then boost charge to reduce the time required to charge the batteries.
When the batteries are fully charged, the charger reduces the voltage and consequently the current maintains the batteries by applying small pulses to ensure the batteries are at their peak performance when needed.


Voltage12 V
Length210 mm
Width130 mm
Height60 mm


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