Valen Forte Vs Gel Batteries for Mobility

Mobility Scooter Batteries – Valen Forte or Valen Gel

Valen Forte or Valen Gel

Choosing the best value for money battery solution for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair user can be tricky.

In this blog, the Valen team compare the two most common mobility battery options to allow you a greater insight into which will give your customer the best solution.

Valen Forte Range – Hybrid technology

The Valen Forte range is based on a hybrid Gel battery model. This hybrid Gel battery utilises a combination of AGM separators with liquid Gel Colloidal Silica electrolyte.

Thanks to this winning combination, the Valen Forte range can deliver the advantage of increased cycle life similar to that of a Gel battery, with the lower cost advantage of an AGM battery.

As the Valen Forte range uses AGM separators and follows similar manufacturing procedures to the AGM battery, it allows it to be priced more competitively. However, Valen Forte still has some of the cyclic benefits of Gel technology, the best of both worlds.

The Valen Forte range is dearer than AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) as it can recover from less intensive cycling, as opposed to the AGM, which does not. This makes Valen Forte the battery of choice for users with light cyclic use.

As with other VRLA batteries, the Valen Forte should be charged immediately after use using a recommended multistage charger.

Designed by the Valen team, Forte is the answer for mobility scooter users requiring lower cost, good quality, light cyclic battery.

Finally, for lighter users not travelling long distances or heavy usage, the AGM in the Forte has the added benefit of not needing to cycle up. The AGM in the Forte also benefits users who may leave their scooter in storage from time to time. A Gel battery needs to be regularly cycled to be maintained as the Gel needs to be kept fluid and not let ‘skin over’. The energy in a Gel battery is created by a chemical reaction between the lead plate and the acid, so the acid needs to be kept moist for optimal performance.


Valen Gel Range

The Valen Gel range features a rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery with the electrolyte suspended in Thixotropic Silica Gel.

Genuine Gel technology gives the Valen Gel range the cyclic edge over the Valen Forte Range, extending the battery’s longevity for heavier mobility users. This cyclic advantage allows heavy users to go longer and harder on their equipment.

Gel technology also has the ability to ‘bounce back’ if mistreated. However, it is always recommended that the user fully charge the batteries immediately after use, using a recommended multistage charger. Charging the battery will ensure a maximum life span.

Thanks to genuine gel manufacturing, the Valen Gel is more expensive than the Valen Forte range; however, as previously mentioned, it will handle the cycles that the Forte or standard AGM technology will not.



So, in conclusion, Valen Forte is an economical solution for the light cyclic user, while Valen Gel will give the heavier user value for money and peace of mind.



If you still have questions on any of the above, contact the Valen team today! 


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