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Why Use Wind for Power Generation

Why Use Wind for Power Generation? As the global economy transitions to a more sustainable green future, Wind Generation is being touted; so Why use Wind?

Follow along with the Valen team as they outline some key reasons Wind Generation is being used or looked to for power generation.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Installing a Wind Turbine will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, our Hyland 920 Wind Turbine has an operating efficiency of 42%, which can reduce your carbon footprint by more than 1 tonne per year per turbine. 

This efficiency is thanks to the keen invention of a team of professionals at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Utilising over 20 years of international small wind turbine research, they have been able to effectively and efficiently design the Hyland wind turbine range.

Compliment your solar system

Adding the wind dimension to your Solar System enables you to take advantage of multiple benefits, including night-time generation and alternative trickle charge for your battery system. 

Wind can even have a greater power output when appropriately sited. In addition, Wind Generation is especially relevant for situations where customers cannot economically install additional solar panels or there is a greater amount of shading.

Protects your battery system

Wind turbine power generation is an excellent add-on for battery conditioning, ensuring the batteries are still trickle-charged during cloudy weather and night periods. 

Reduced Theft

Another positive of wind turbine power generation is they are often harder to access and steal than solar PV panels, especially ground-mounted systems.

This security affords them greater protection from theft.



Ready to look at Wind Turbine for your next project?  If you still have questions on any of the above, contact the Valen Team today! 


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