Cost of Pick Up V Delivery

Cost of Pickup Vs the Cost of Delivery

Cost of Pickup Vs the Cost of Delivery – Have you ever calculated the cost of your technicians picking up their batteries on the way to an installation?
In this Blog, Valen looks at the logistics and hidden costs between technicians picking up their batteries on the way to an install versus having them delivered to the office for technicians to take with them on their installation.

Valen has been specialising in Batteries, Energy-related products, and services to the fire industry since 1999. What we have found is that many fire technician-based companies collect their batteries as required for each job.

This action can result in a variety of hidden costs for the Fire Industry, for example; technicians travel time, vehicle-related costs and the loss of revenue if the technician was at another installation completing chargeable works.

This wasted resource is a hidden cost that rapidly adds up each month to a large sum.

So let’s use a hypothetical example;
If 5 technicians pick up once a week from a supplier:
5 Technicians x 2 hours wasted per trip = 10 hours a week x 4 = 40 hours a month x Technician hourly rate =
Plus add into this the additional cost (as mentioned above):

What can Valen do for my business to reduce this hidden cost?

Valen works with your logistics team to ascertain the best path forward for you. This may be to consolidate the orders required and deliver to a warehouse in 1 shipment on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Other options include Inventory Control where the Valen team assess your previous purchase history and estimate the Inventory levels you would require and maintain these on a monthly basis.

What this means for your business, is that technicians can load the batteries required for their planned works while they are at the warehouse loading their other goods saving both time and money and increasing efficiency.

Valen has a fast turnover of batteries which flows onto our customer batteries been delivered as fresh as possible; this means that they have a minimum of 6-month storage life.

Adding to Valens Fire Service offering, Valens technical team are happy to meet with our fire service clients and conduct a full training session to upskill the entire team as to the importance of Batteries and maintenance. Meaning your team’s productivity will be enhanced and they will have the ability to charge or maintain batteries should any inventory be there for an extended period of time.

And what happens if we have urgent orders?

Valen can dispatch same day from 1 of our 5 warehouses conveniently located around Australia. Some areas will qualify for same-day delivery.

The Team at Valen work with our clients and are happy to go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction every time.

Don’t take our word for it… hear what our Fire Services customers say

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