Keeping Police Radio Communications Online

Turnkey Energy Storage Systems to Power WA Police’s Massive Operational Area

Client: WA Police Force
Location: Various locations throughout WA
Completion: 2018 to Present
System Supplied: Custom Designed Turnkey Energy Storage Systems

Project Overview

The Western Australian Police Force is responsible for policing 2.5 million square kilometres – the world’s largest single-point jurisdiction. This area spans 8 metropolitan areas and 7 regional districts containing over 150 police stations.

The radio transmission sites that facilitate communications across this vast area are a critical part of keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. In times of crisis, it is critical that radio comms infrastructure delivers 100% uptime, allowing vital information to be shared throughout the Force.

Valen worked with the project team at WA Police to deliver customised turnkey off-grid energy storage solutions that provided reliable power to the remote radio network.

The Challenge

WA Police first contacted Valen in 2018 looking for a reliable local supplier that could partner with them to provide system design, technical advice, and ongoing high-volume supply of batteries.

The Police Force needed to secure a supplier that could design and manufacture off-grid solar energy storage packages, offer expert knowledge and advice on the best design choices for minimal ongoing maintenance, and ultimately supply a compatible DC power energy solution for a series of remote radio communication sites.

The brief demanded energy systems that included solar panels, solar frames, batteries, regulators and componentry. As WA Police’s jurisdiction spanned such a broad area, this equipment had to be easy to install, easy to maintain, have a fast turnaround, and be incredibly reliable in isolated locations.

Co-creating a Solution

Valen Partnered with WA Police and assisted them with custom-designed energy storage systems to supply backup power and solar for radio telecommunication towers. Based on a modular design with the EnduroGel Front Terminal batteries at its heart, each self-contained energy system offered a rugged and reliable off-grid power solution that could handle the hash WA environment.

Once the initial design was approved by WA Police, Valen moved quickly to deliver the complete system, minimising project lead times. Our team has also designed and engineered customised certified solar framing to suit various remote communication sites, and we support WA Police throughout the whole product lifecycle, from design right through to maintenance site visits.

Valen was able to provide a custom-made turnkey energy storage system, handling everything in-house and saving WA Police valuable time and expense. The custom-designed battery systems reduce downtime on-site, as they are readily available and kitted from off-the-shelf components, then shipped directly to each site as a complete system.


Continuous innovation and the ability to quickly and confidently meet the requirements of the Police Force has seen Valen become a top-tier supplier of energy storage and battery systems.

The rechargeable EnduroGel deep cycle batteries have helped the Police reduce their operational costs across the network by extending the life of the batteries, with the EnduroGel firmly positioned as the preferred battery for many years.

Valen was awarded the initial two-year tender in 2018 and was acknowledged for their proficiency by being awarded an extension on the contract for a further 3 years.

We continue to work with representatives from WA Police to identify opportunities for more efficient energy storage in and around their remote sites, delivering tailored packages and products that provide reliable and consistent power to critical radio communications systems.

Technical Specifications

Custom Designed Solar Energy Storage Units, including:

  • EnduroGel 2V155Ah Front Terminal Batteries with Catalyst Life Extender
  • Valen 300W solar panels
  • Ground mount solar frames
  • Battery regulators and componentry
  • Design, project management and logistical support
  • Ongoing contract supply of bulk replacement batteries

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