Scope: Transport for NSW needed a partner to assist with their solar and battery requirements that were able to provide;

  • Reliability in service and supply to eliminate the risk of the project getting off track and ensure the project stay within budget.
  • Forecasting of stock to ensure stock was available to meet the project milestones
  • Meet custom requirements of charging and labelling batteries.
  • Custom specification for solar panels to suit a predesigned bracket.
  • Supply technical assistance and on-call support to help with troubleshooting any technical issues.


  • Valen worked with Transport for NSW, to reduce their workload and ensure the project was completed, on time and on budget.
  • To achieve this, Valen helped develop a monthly schedule to manage the flow of materials ordered and ensure battery stock levels were effectively monitored, ensuring that batteries were used before their shelf life expired.
  • This assisted Transport for NSW in cashflow management, along with guaranteed supply for the length of the contract to eliminate supply chain risk and or deliveries running late and the project getting behind schedule.


  • Valen supply management solution resulted in all contracts we were apart were delivered on time and within budget for Transport for NSW.
  • Overall, this managed approach and proactive scheduling have reduced on-site call-out fees and sign failure by more than half. Resulting in substantial savings for labour and product costs.

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