Valen helps reduce Diesel costs in Remote Community

Client: Remote Community
Location: Australia

Completion: 2023
System Supplied: Custom designed

Project Overview

Remote and Rural communities have traditionally found themselves relying heavily on Diesel power for energy generation. This has proved both challenging and costly.

Environmental impacts and sustainability around using diesel generated power had a remote community looking at alternative power solutions.

Partnering with Valen, allowed this community to come up with a community specify power solution minimising their reliance on Diesel, whilst providing a reliable, cost effective, scalable and environmentally friendly power source..

The Challenge

Remote and rural communities require reliable power. With the increased awareness of global warming and impacts to our planet, this community was seeking to minimise their dependence on Diesel generatored power sources. Diesel is costly to transport to site thanks to the remote location of this community. Maintenance and labour costs were adding up for diesel based equipment. With the future in mind, this community was looking for a solution which would be able to be scaled up to cover upcoming power requirements as well as having the flexibility to be movable should their future needs change. 

Coming up with the Solution

Valen Powers project team conducted a complete analysis of the remote community, detailing current situation and challenges to be overcome. The team along with engineers, designed a solar powered battery energy storage solution which would meet the scope of works required, whilst covering environmental, operational and economically outcomes. 

Valen supplied, installed and commissioned the complete integrated solar and battery energy storage system. This system comprised of a 130kWh solar farm including engineered relocatable solar framing, 285kWh of battery storage, battery cabinetry, invertors, with the ability to utilise the existing diesel generator network as back up.


The remote community relies on 100% renewable energy during daylight hours, charging the battery storage with any surplus energy. Deisel generators will cut in if battery storage drops low, powering the community and recharging batteries to capacity if required. This allows the community to reduce its reliance on diesel generator systems by up to 80%.

Scalability and the ability to relocate the entire power generation and energy storage system ensures full-service life usability and promotes a healthy ROI. 

Technical Specifications

Custom Designed ModX6 Solar Modular Unit, including:

  • WeCo 5K3 Lithium Battery. 
  • Ground Mount Fixed Solar Frame.
  • Valen Solar Panels.  
  • Dual Insulated Enclosures.
  • CE+T Power Control System. 

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