What is causing the problem with my Mobility Scooter? Batteries or the Battery Charger?

What is causing the problem with my Mobility Scooter?

Batteries or the Battery Charger?

What is causing the problem with my Mobility Scooter?  So, there’s something wrong with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, and you think it’s got to be the Batteries or the Charger?

In this blog, our Valen experts highlight a couple of quick pointers you can check before picking up the phone and calling your mobility scooter specialist.

Battery Charger

Battery Chargers are often the source of trouble! So head over to our battery charger blog for quick instructions on how to test yours! 

Now for theBatteries

Now the batteries are a little harder to quickly check as they are well tucked away in your mobility scooter. 

The most efficient way to test the batteries would be to fully charge the batteries (by the battery charger indicator and the scooter battery indicator) and then monitor how fast they lose their capacity over the regular use of your scooter or wheelchair. 

You will often already be aware that the battery seems to be getting less run time; however, this will confirm it and make it easier for your mobility scooter specialist to assess the batteries.

Doing a voltmeter check will not be sufficient as the state of charge affects the battery voltage.

Testing the Mobility Scooter Batteries

If you can access the batteries, there are a few things you can look for;

  1. A warm feel on the side of the batteries after charging or using indicates a lost battery cell.
  2. Bulging or bloating of the batteries could point to an internal issue or, more likely, a problem with the battery charger.
  3. Terminal corrosion will affect the way the current is released from the battery.
  4. Ensure the connections are tight and the cables are in good working order on the battery.


Valen mobility scooter specialist

Once you have completed these quick checks on the batteries and there is still an issue with the batteries holding a charge, it is time to call your Valen Mobility Scooter Specialist.

Your local Valen Battery Specialist will be able to place the batteries under a full load test as well as test your battery charger to determine what has caused the issue.

To find a mobility scooter specialist near you, head to our Dealer Locator at the bottom of our mobility page or reach out to the Valen team today!


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